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Core issues, sexual pleasure and "The Sins of Eve"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Sandy Miniere gives us the details of her successful work with a client's deeply rooted sexual intimacy problem. The central part of Sandy's work involved discovering a core religious issue which, once discovered, allowed clearing to occur quite easily. This detective work by Sandy is part of the "art of delivery" that separates the masters of these procedures from the rest. We can do excellent work by merely applying the mechanics of EFT. But if we want to make the process sing--I mean really sing--we need to follow Sandy's lead and uncover core issues.

Hugs, Gary

by Sandy Miniere

Hi Gary:

Thank you for the pioneering work that you and others are doing in Energy Psychology. I am having such fun experimenting with the ingenious techniques emerging from this new discipline. I was happy to meet you in Las Vegas and have just completed viewing The Ultimate Therapist tapes.

Before sharing with you a significant healing experience with a client, I have a few general comments about EFT and the meridian-based energy therapies. I have been in private practice for many years as a mind/body intuitive (a label my clients use) and professional counselor. Once I anchor a client into their physical body energetically, the body and soul speak to me. In the therapy session I help them move through the energy blocks underlying emotional and physical symptoms with focusing and breathing. I call this an "energy clear out." However, this approach lacked something. Considering the depths we were reaching in the session with the subtle energy, permanent change was not happening fast enough for me. I was searching for a tool that would involve the physical body more directly in the healing process. I believe Energy Psychology is the magic bullet I have been seeking. I am using it on myself with great success as well.

EFT in combination with TAT is working wonders with my clients because:

1. EFT is a tool that clients take with them. It puts success in their own hands where it belongs. Once they have been tapping for a while, it is easier for me to help them release unconscious complexes, habitual CORE patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. When working with a client at these depths, I feel as though I am pulling a thick energy substance from their bones.

GC COMMENT: This is important for everyone to recognize. After doing some tapping, many clients start to bring up other issues--sometimes as if they were remembering them for the first time. Sometimes they bring up different aspects of the original problem that somehow were "invisible" at the start. This is where the "art of delivery" comes in. It provides an avenue down which one can address all kinds of important issues. Sometimes this avenue becomes a freeway toward emotional freedom that releases even the most difficult of "intractable" issues. In times past I have called this process "finding the boil beneath the pimples."

2. EFT is a technique that forces the client to get anchored in the body. The people I see are loosely connected to their bodies and have difficulty being present in the moment. For this reason I hope the ultimate energy healing technique will not rely solely on the mind and bypass touching the body.

3. Much emphasis is being placed on where to tap for success. In my work I find that a core issue being uncovered may lead to a miraculous outcome. After tapping for several rounds on surface symptoms or issues, I often discover the core issue lurking beneath the symptoms. When this happens, the client and I feel like we have been hit with a thunderbolt. The BBBZZZZZ jumps out at us.

GC COMMENT: Yes! There seems to be two avenues of exploration for improving our procedures. One avenue is to diagnose the proper place(s) to tap or to make other adjustments in the mechanical protocol. Many people are pursuing this. The other avenue (which I am pursuing myself) is to search for core issues. Once a core issue is uncovered and the client is really tuned into the REAL issue (the biggie) then the healing seems to unfold quite well irrespective of which protocol one uses. So does finding the core issue represent the major road down which we must travel in order to improve our delivery? Who knows? We are still learning here. I have great respect for everyone's pursuits. We will all improve together.

This leads to a success story I would like to share. Uncovering a core religious complex I labeled "The sins of Eve," I was able to help a 30 year old female client free herself from a deeply rooted inhibited sexual desire.

She had difficulty enjoying sexual pleasure since adolescent. She was now in her first year of marriage struggling to achieve emotional and sexual intimacy with her husband. We worked on this problem for several months before the wedding and took it up again recently in therapy. Before using Energy Psychology techniques I tried everything I knew: Traditional approaches, Ericksonian hypnosis, body energetics, etc. We uncovered her personal and family sexual history, early traumatic events, and obstacles to intimacy as well as reduced feelings of shame and guilt. Her personal history did not match up to the pervasiveness and intensity of the symptoms. Although we were making progress, I was hoping to help her achieve the sexual ecstasy she deserved to experience with a loving mate. Persistence did pay off.

Three months of tapping for a variety of issues including intimacy and sexuality led to the following:

The session before the breakthrough I did TAT with her for sexual shame and tapped with EFT for "fear of sexual pleasure." At the beginning of this session I arm tested her for "I want to experience sexual pleasure." She was reversed; however, at the end of the session she tested strong on that statement.

At the beginning of the breakthrough session she reported being taken out of a sexual mood by some tangible circumstances. As we began tapping on other aspects associated with sexual pleasure, her identification with Eve as the temptress who seduced Adam and sent all of their children into a world of pain and suffering struck me. When I mentioned it out loud, we were catapulted into another realm. (I believe this came to me because I learned on my healing journey that at the age of 7 I believed MY SINS killed Jesus Christ. I learned this belief from a nun in catechism class.) It appears that when my client tried to become a sexual woman and merge with a man, she identified with all the terrible things that were said about Eve under the auspices of Catholic doctrine. It appears as though she took on Eve's sin and guilt. The Kahunas of ancient Hawaii believed that religious complexes create havoc in an individual's psyche, body, and life. We tapped for, "The sins of Eve."

At the follow-up session she reported having great sex and felt herself getting emotionally closer to her husband. We then tapped for tooth and jaw pain as well as anger that was revealed in a dream with her father. Two weeks later she reported with a big grin, "I can't believe sex can be like this. I feel sexually and emotionally connected to my husband." A month after the breakthrough session she is enjoying emotional and sexual intimacy with her husband.

This is the kind of work I love to do. Being an instrument that enables others to free themselves from the core beliefs, emotions and behaviors that hold them captive. EFT and the meridian-based therapies are tools of personal transformation, and I am excited by the results I am experiencing with my clients. My admiration and thanks to everyone who has contributed to this dynamic field and put these tools in my hands. Gary, thanks for your dedication in spreading the word.

Sandy Miniere, M.Ed., LPC


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