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Puppy dog, wetting one's pants, stress & a "no results" case

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Danielle Emel shares her experiences, one of which is a "no results" case.

Hugs, Gary

by Danielle Emel

Hi Gary,

It's been so wonderful to see people get free of shoulder/back/knee pain + other emotional/mental obstacles + losing weight.. They walk in my office in pain, and are smiling a few minutes later (after tapping). I started to teach classes, and these people keep smiling.... week after week. It's fabulous... awesome!

Tapping on everything.

While walking our puppy early one morning, we encountered a "mean dog", that bared his teeth, but stayed at a reasonable distance. The next morning, our puppy did not want to go on that street. He sat and dug in his heels. I tapped on his forehead and on his chest for fear... and he started to walk again. He still looks around a bit, but goes through the street with no hesitation.

Our 4-year old son had some emotional problems, and started to wet his pants again. It lasted for a few months, and I was getting discouraged by the amount of extra laundry. In one of your videos, a therapist is working with his son on a "fingernail biting" problem. I thought I would do it with my son. I lined up all the wet pants on the tub, sat him on my knees and worked on "Even though you wet your pants, you are a good boy and I love you", and then tapped on the points saying "wetting your pants". No wetting for a week, then we had "accidents" again. I asked him what was happening, and he said "you need to tap on me again", which I did. We have to tap here and there, but nothing like it had been.

One of my clients was very upset about having to work night shifts on the new job she started. I had her tap, hoping to ease the tension. She was really stressed, knowing she would not last long on nights, and continued tapping on her own. The next day, her office manager called her to let her know they had switched her to day shift! This client really took to the technique and taps a lot. She is now working swing shifts (by choice), with a more accommodating foreman than she had during day shift. Coincidence?

No, results!

I taught a class last night, during which we did some tapping. Most of the people had good results, some amazing ones, but I was challenged by a young Indian lady. She was born and raised in India, was Hindu, and just switched to Christianity. She wanted to work on an emotional problem having to do with guilt and unforgiveness. She started at 12, on a scale of 0 to 10.... and stayed at 12. No change. I did several rounds of tapping, used Larry Nims' BSFF, TAT (she could not do it for long, because it was too painful), did several more rounds of tapping; I worked on several types of reversals (deserving, safety, possibility, willingness...); using muscle testing, it seemed her energy got straightened, but she still claimed no change in that horrible feeling of guilt and unforgiveness. She did not want to share the particulars about the issue. I used some of my Homeopathic Flower Essences... but got no results either. Any suggestion?

GC COMMENT: Often we can help facilitate relief even when we don't know what the problem is. I've done this many times with a roomful of people in a seminar setting. Sometimes, though, the issue needs to be taken apart--separated into its various aspects--and dealt with in that manner. My suspicion here is that your client (who wouldn't disclose the details) was bringing up a problem that was "too global" for this setting.

When I do group work like this, I always make sure to instruct the participants to pick out a specific event to work on. It is much easier to work with "The time my father hit me in front of my friends at my 8th birthday party," rather than "My father always abused me." The latter one is better saved for one-on-one sessions.

DANIELLE CONTINUES: Thanks for all the encouraging emails; I print them all and file them for reference.


Danielle Emel


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