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Using EFT with frail people

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Member Beverly Schydlowsky shares this experience using EFT with a 90 year old, frail, lady. As you read this account, please note the remarkable improvement in the client's energy. This should not be too surprising since the theory behind EFT involves the blockage or disruption of the free flow in someone's energy system. Balancing it would likely bring about this improvement. Also, one need not be old to be frail. Many people have diseases which sap their energy. EFT might be useful in these cases. Be sure to consult their doctors first, though.

Cheers, Gary

by Beverly Schydlowsky

Re 90 year old. She has been doing reasonably well until this last year. Walking has gotten difficult and heart rate was low, so a pacemaker was installed. Suddenly, after 2 weeks of various b-day celebrations which she enjoyed with her family, she became weak, wanted to stay in bed. Then developed a fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Hospital stay was terrible. Nurses treated her as though she was dying and the care was poor. Patient wanted to die and to be left alone. After two weeks, they brought her home on oxygen 24 hours per day with no sign of her being able to breathe on her own. Eating was limited and due to weakness, walking, with cane and/or walker was limited.

I went to their home and they had her walk, with walker from her bedroom to the living room. This and greeting me was an exhausting event. She requested cold water and got even weaker after drinking it. After learning she drank very little water, I suggested she drink more but at room temperature. She was very interested in whatever I said, but eyes were rather dull and lifeless. She was also very tremulous. As she recovered a bit, I talked to her and her 70+ yr. old daughter about EFT (daughter also has leg and foot problem which I also treated that day.

I began with 90 yr old-will call her mother. She wanted to feel stronger. She felt so weak that she could barely do anything. She rated herself an 8. I decided to begin with PR, tapped the spot on her chest (opposite side from pacemaker), focused on weakness, then tapped the sequence beginning with eyebrow. She felt no change, so I did pr again, sequence, included fingers, then eyes up, down, then gamut. She felt better, wanted to get up and walk which she did, sat down, very shaky. Said she felt worse. Nervously, I gave her water, made some "eriksonian" comments and suggestions for well being, integration over time, etc. She also seemed unable to do the numerical rating, so I dropped that. I did one more sequence tapping, she said she felt better, left it with the suggestion that this often takes time for the body to use what we did, (she also had physical therapy before I came) somewhere in this process, I noticed how her eyes changed. They became alive and sparkly, her body energy seemed to improve despite the verbalization to the opposite. She became a bit feisty, humorous.

Two days later, daughter reported dramatic changes. For the first time, mother spent 30 minutes making her bed which she hadn't done before. She also walked the deck 9 times with her walker alone. Previously, walked one time assisted. A few days later, she was using cane, not walker. She continued drinking more water as I suggested, appetite improved, began to sleep less (just after the rx, slept more and for longer periods). She stayed up later at night and began watching the Jerry Springer show with avid interest, quite amazed at what people talked about these days.

I returned yesterday. She was sitting up ready for me and couldn't wait to give me her surprise which was to walk across the room without her cane. She was alert, spirited and ready to do more work. She wanted to work on balancing the strength in her legs. Felt that if her right leg were to equal the left leg, she could walk better. She also wanted to reduce the shaking in her right arm and hand. I asked her how her life would change if these wishes came true. She was taken aback and said she hadn't thought of that, guessed she was in a rut and would enjoy thinking more about that. We first tapped for the shaking, beginning with Pr, then sequence, incl. fingers. Not much change, then tapped for remaining shaking. Amazingly, the shaking stopped, then returned and continued in that pattern. I did no more with that, then focused on balance and strength in her body. Did pr, this time with karate chop, then sequence, fingers, gamut, remaining strength and balance and stopped. She said she felt "woozy" but often feels like this. Gave her water which she gulped, then suggested a small protein snack. She enthusiastically ate cheese and crackers, much to her daughter's surprise. I did no more with her, then worked on her daughter while she snacked.

This was both exciting and amazing to me, especially since I am a novice with this technique (I did a one day training with Roger Callahan about 3 years ago and have been using TFT since then). I was also a bit worried about using this on someone this old and sick. I was very cautious, did minimal tapping, lots of talking with her and making indirect suggestions for continued improvement.

Thanks, Beverly Schydlowsky

Addendum to using EFT with frail people

Hi Everyone,

Beverly Schydlowsky just submitted this addendum to her recent article on her 90 year old client. Dramatic things often happen with EFT and sometimes they happen in unexpected ways. It is my fondest hope that someday these results will get the active attention of the medical community.

Cheers, Gary

Addendum to my post re 90 yr old woman.

Daughter reported to me about 5 days after the first treatment that the Dr. had ordered that her oxygen be completely removed due to the dramatic change in her blood levels.

Beverly Schydlowsky


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