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Great Opportunity

Great Opportunity

Are you looking for a great opportunity? Well, you can stop searching because it is here. The greatest opportunity that anyone could possibly hope for can be yours. And you don't have to make a cash investment. You don't even have to fill out an application form. This incredible opportunity can work for you no matter what your educational or professional background, no matter what your level of physical ability might be, no matter what skills you possess.

The opportunity in front of you is commonly called "TODAY." This opportunity is full of power and has the potential to deliver whatever you desire strongly enough. Your grand opportunity is here and now. It is in the precious, irreplaceable hours and moments which make up this day. Whatever the clock may read, today is just beginning. In front of you are 24 fresh and available hours until this time tomorrow, and there is so very much you can do with them.

Today is an opportunity of the grandest proportions. No one, no matter how rich or famous or powerful or successful, has any opportunity available to them that is filled with more potential than you have today. In fact, you have the very same day available to you as the most successful person alive -- the very same day. Seize it. Live it. And make it into something great.

Ralph Marston

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