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Here I Grow Again

Here I Grow Again

2001 - Bob Perks

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"I sat on the hill in my yard a while

and wondered about the day.

I wanted to know what tomorrow will bring

and what to do with yesterday.

I have thought these thoughts a million times

and each time just gave in.

But I discovered today that the answer lies

not what I'm without, but what's within."

This grand revelation came

from watching my dog play

with a blade of grass.

We've had some heavy rains

the last few days and I haven't

had the opportunity to just sit

outside. But today the clouds

gave way to the sun and at

least for a few minutes I

was able to catch up on my


It was when I looked down

at a blade of grass that

I discovered the answers

I had been searching for

all this time.

You see, no matter how many

times I cut that grass it

always grows back. It thrives

if there's too much rain and

survives if there is a drought.

You can walk on it and it

springs back up. You can dig

it up and throw it somewhere

else and it will grow right

where it lies.

If a blade of grass can

do all that, why are we

so fragile?

You would think that God

would have made the human

being a lot more durable

than that.

Why is it that after a

few times that life cuts

you down, you decide not

to grow any more?

Why is it that when we

hit the dry times in our

lives we curl up and die

in spirit?

Why is it that when the

big guys walk all over

you, you don't spring

back up to where you

rightfully belong?

Why is it that when life

uproots your plans you can

never see the potential

for new growth wherever

you are?

Do you think for a moment

that God created a blade

of grass to be more than


Just like the answers were

in that blade of grass, so

are the answers within you.

The blade of grass was God's

way of telling me to "bloom

where you are planted."

"Here, I grow again!"

2001 - Bob Perks

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