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EFT stops a blood blister from forming

EFt Tapping Outdated ImageNote: This is one of 3,000 articles written prior to the updated Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tapping Tutorial™.  It provides practical uses for EFT Tapping and most EFT'ers should find it very helpful.  However, if your benefits are temporary or a more in-depth approach is needed, you are urged to explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist, and/or (3) get help from a Certified EFT Practitioner.  

Hi Everyone,

Angela Treat Lyon gives us yet another example of why we should "Try EFT on Everything."

Hugs, Gary

By Angela Treat Lyon

Hi Gary,

I seem to be attracting all kinds of opportunities for one-minute wonders lately - thought you'd want to have this one in your files, too!

I was attempting to open a tube of oil paint I hadn't used in a while, and it was stuck but good.  So I got my snub-nosed pliers out, gripped the rim of the tube's top and gave it a big, strong turn.  The problem was that it slipped off the tube and grabbed the soft flesh on the side of my forefinger, squeezing it mightily.

There was a white shape on my finger where the blood had been squeezed away, and angry red spots under the skin right next to it where the pliers had grabbed.  I just knew an enormous, painful blood blister would emerge faster than light.

I dropped the pliers on the floor as I immediately put my left hand over my right to stroke it, and was about to yell a blue streak when I thought, heck, if I can neutralize a bee sting with EFT, why not this?  So I just tapped with my left hand on the collarbone points, saying:

Even though I wasn't watching what I was doing…

Even though I got myself good this time…!

Even though man that's sharp!…

Even though this hurts like a burn…

Even though it's throbbing…

Even though I still love and accept myself.

Suddenly it no longer hurt at all!  So then I tapped:

Even though I know this is going to be one huge mama of a blood blister…

Even though it'll turn red and hurt for a week… and then it'll get hard and turn black and ugly … I'm choosing to allow my body to do a laser-speed healing and not even go there at all … BECAUSE I love and embrace myself and my total health and wholeness.

I didn't tap on any of the face or torso points, just the collarbones; and was able to paint completely painlessly for three hours afterwards.

It took under four minutes to do it all, and 5 hours later, there was only a small reddish spot about 0.5 cm wide that didn’t hurt at all.  No pain, no blood blister, no problem!  I'm a happy camper!

Thanks, Gary -

aloha -

Angela Treat Lyon




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist