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EFT helps relieve blushing

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

This is an instructive case because it helps us understand the necessity for doing EFT consistently on an issue with broad roots. Florence Gans provides one quality session for "Sue" on her severe blushing issue. This session provided good initial results but, as you will see, Sue continued using EFT only intermittently after that. As a result, there was more relief but it wasn't complete ... and won't be until all aspects are handled. This type of thing happens a lot when clients are given EFT homework. They don't always do it as consistently as they should and the results show it. Serious students need to be aware of this.

By Florence Gans, Life Coach, Healing Touch, EFT

Hi Gary!

I have another cool and unusual EFT success story. This case has to do with a lady (I will call her Sue) who had a problem with blushing.

Sue runs a small non-profit organization. As part of her work, she has to lead meetings, give speeches, organize events and the like. She has had a life long problem with blushing. Even when she is running a meeting over the telephone, she can tell that she is blushing. Below is part of an email I got from Sue prior to our EFT session.

"Basically I flush red very easily and intensely when under stress, positively excited, and sometimes just because I drink alcohol. Generally speaking I get cold very easily, sweat a lot ... I think my internal thermostat is abnormal. Perhaps I can't do anything about it. I have tried medication, meditation, massage/body work. There is also probably a genetic link as my father has some of the same symptoms, but it seems to impact me professionally because I turn red very noticeably in meetings, when I give speeches, etc."

At the beginning of our EFT call, Sue described herself as an extroverted and extremely positive person, who is really engaged with people. Her blushing seems to happen under stress or anxiety as well as during positive emotional times such as joy, laughter, or excited anticipation of the day. That morning a car had suddenly pulled out in front of her, and Sue could feel that her body was blushing from her torso to the top of her head. Once the danger was over, she felt the blushing dissipate.

Our goal during this first EFT session was to teach Sue the EFT basics so that she could use EFT herself. Thus we did the Basic Recipe the entire session. She was not comfortable with the "I deeply and completely accept myself" part of The Setup statement. After playing around with wording, we started with a pretty general set up phrase that Sue was comfortable with:

"Even though I blush under pressure, I believe that someday I will deeply and completely accept myself."

We did 4 complete rounds on "blush under pressure" and Sue's 0-10 intensity on this notion went from a 9 to a 0.

I described the importance of specific aspects with EFT, and asked Sue for any particularly bothersome memory associated with her blushing. Sue told me about an incident that she had when she was the opening speaker for a conference. She got up on stage, greeted everybody, and thought that she had done a great job. One of her colleagues ran up to her as she was coming off the stage, and asked, "Are you all right? You looked like you were having a heart attack you were so red!" Sue said she was so embarrassed and ashamed! We did EFT Basic Recipe on:

"Even though I was embarrassed and ashamed, I believe that someday I will deeply and completely accept myself."

We did 4 complete rounds on "embarrassed and ashamed" and Sue's intensity on this notion went from an 8 to a 0.

This was the end of my first and only EFT session with Sue. I recommended that she work on specific blushing memories using EFT, and also aspects of forgiving herself for her blushing. She agreed to get in touch with me if she had any questions. It is now a month after our EFT session. I just got an email yesterday from Sue with the following update:

GC COMMENT: Please note below the very typical result on an issue like this. Because Sue's blushing appears to be an issue with a lifetime of aspects, her initial session with Florence could be expected to "get a good start" but that continued tapping would be necessary until all aspects were handled and the blushing no longer occurred. In Sue's case she used EFT intermittently after her session with Florence and experienced some good results (but the results weren't complete). Later, she did more EFT and even better results were achieved.

"So, here is where I am at with EFT: Immediately after our session I noticed new sensations in my neck/throat area. Because I do some energy work/massage I have felt energy in certain areas before during a session, but this was like a day's worth of awareness. I also noticed that my nonstress blushing didn't happen when I drank a class of wine (up until that point I ALWAYS blushed with alcohol). So, I was feeling really psyched by the process and used the recipe in advance of a stressful conference call.

Unfortunately I still blushed, but not as intensely (as far as I could feel from the heat in my neck). Throughout the holidays I didn't take the opportunity to do the recipe even though I was in stressful situations (you know how families can be!) Still I was more aware of my blushing in kind of anticipatory mode. I didn't feel energy like the first day, but I did seem to be able to anticipate that blushing was about to happen. This allowed me to breathe a little more consciously and also helped me to do some silent affirmations. I attribute this "early warning" to being more heightened about the situation and EFT's potential to help.

Now that life has settled down a bit I am back to using the recipe this week. I haven't had any major blushing episodes, and instead seem to feel my nervousness about some work related issues more in my stomach (butterflies). In general, what I think EFT is helping me do, besides work with my body's own energy, is helping me recognize the feelings of shame/inadequacy that trigger the blushing. I know I like to say the blushing happens for good or bad emotions, but what I come to recognize through the sore spot affirmations is that my real debilitating triggers are deep seated negative feelings. In fact, if I blush every time I have a beer or hear a good joke I'd be fine, but I do blush when I am scared/nervous/angry and that is usually because of negative feelings."

Cyber hugs!!!

Florence Gans, Life Coach, Healing Touch, EFT


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