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Physical therapy like it should be--dramatic improvements in a rehab center

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Roseanna Ellis recently spent some time applying EFT in a nursing home rehab center.  Her prolific results are given in this article.  This would be a good one to show to other rehab centers as a way to show how much could be done to dramatically accelerate healing.

Hugs, Gary

By Roseanna Ellis

Dear Gary,

With business being slow due to the fact that I live off the beach, I decided to work for a month or so doing physical therapy in a rehab center within a nursing home. These are people that were in hospital who can't go home yet because they are unable to care for themselves and thus must spend a few weeks getting better.

Normally I hate working in a nursing home because it is not challenging enough for me. But to my surprise I have had an amazing time in the past two weeks. I have been going around tapping everyone, from nurses to aids to bosses to patients.

First my boss complained of severe Right knee pain and tightness. Her 0-10 intensity level was an 8 for pain and in Range of motion she was only 70/90. I only worked on her for about 10 minutes for pain and for tightness. She got off the mat and wide-eyed said, " I can't believe it but my pain is completely gone. I checked her hamstring range and it had increased to 90/90 a perfect hamstring.

Next one of my patients who was in her 80's was feeling sick to her stomach and had been that way for a few days. The nurse had called the doctor and he agreed to send her to the hospital for tests. I was to walk her in therapy first. I asked her if I could tap her to get rid of her stomach pain. She agreed and within 10 minutes she was up and moving fine without much pain.

I saw her in the hallway later that day and asked how the tests went? She answered, " I changed my mind and decided I was feeling much better and the nurse canceled my hospital visit.

This kind of stuff happened all day every day with all my patients. I won't bore you but two I must tell.

One gentleman, in his 50s, not my patient, but I interfered in his therapy (like I know everything right?) Well he had had a brain operation and was left paralyzed on his left leg. To make matters worse his right shoulder was classified as a frozen shoulder which was hindering his progress because he needed his arms to pull himself up in the parallel bars. His range was about 90 degrees and normal range was 180. He also had severe pain upon movement of that arm.

Well I worked with him for five minutes while his therapist was seeing to another patient. Within that time I got about 30 degrees extra movement and the pain had diminished about 20%.

The next day I asked his therapist if I could work a little more on him. I allowed her to test his range. She tested it at 130/180 which was where EFT had got him the day before. I worked EFT for 10 min. and I called his therapist over again to re-measure him. Now normally range like this takes weeks and weeks to achieve, that is why I wanted her to re-test. She looked a little annoyed thinking that she had just tested him and why was I asking her again. To her shock it was 175/180, and the man had no pain through the motion. I downloaded your EFT manual and gave it to him today to read and told him to apply it to himself every hour on the hour for a few days.

Another EFT miracle happened yesterday. One of my patients who is 72 years old, has had a very difficult time walking. Her balance is very poor. I had been working with her for a few days just doing regular therapy, when yesterday she said " I am so afraid of falling, what happens if I fall and I can't get up?. Well I began to tap her for her fear of falling, I worked for about ten minutes until I felt secure enough to walk her again to test her fear. Well she walked with so much control that it shocked me (which usually doesn't happen too much any more). Then she shocked me further when she stated" I have not walked this good since I was in my 30s. You should have seen her smile.

Today I worked on her some more. Then I had her walking backwards, without loss of balance. She pushed herself around the nursing home shouting how great she was able to walk. She told me that her husband didn't believe it and that he wants to come to see her in therapy. She is forbidden to walk unless she is in therapy because of her history of falls.

If only out-patient facilities were willing to let me work on patients like this. But I know it would never happen. To get a frozen shoulder or a replaced knee better within a few visits would put them out of business in a very short time. For now I grab what I can get away with.

Love, Roseanna


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