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Mary Pellicer, MD, on Intuitive Diagnosis

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Now let's talk a bit about diagnosis. There are many versions of diagnosis and other forms of advanced work regarding the various tapping techniques. They have much to offer and I greet them all with interest and open arms. We will no doubt be discussing some of them in the months to come. My contribution in this arena is profusely illustrated in our advanced videos, "Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist." It points, I think, to where this whole field is headed.

We all have a built in intuitive sense which serves us extraordinarily well if we will only trust it. The "Ultimate Therapist" videos develop ways to hone this ability with impressive precision. In my experience, proper intuitive diagnosis can equal or exceed any other technique. It can take you places other techniques cannot and is an extremely valuable aid in finding core issues.

Along these lines, Mary Pellicer, MD sent me the following message where she was "forced" by circumstances to use her intuitive senses for diagnosis with her 5 year old son. I thought you would be interested in her story. Developing this intuitive sense can move us many floors up in this Healing High Rise.

Hugs, Gary


Hi Gary--

Just wanted to share a few things before the details leave me. As I said I'm very new to these energy concepts and the whole concept of a highly organized energy system and energy healing (they didn't teach that in medical school when I went). My first exposure was last November when I went to an energy healer just to see what he did and in February went to an Energy Awareness workshop--the first module in the International Academy of Vibrational Medicine curriculum and since then have been reading many books and experimenting with myself. February was when a friend from the Energy seminar introduced me to EFT and in March sometime I bought the first course and watched it and have been using EFT on myself. So I'm pretty much a beginner.

This weekend my husband is out of town and so I have been taking the opportunity to watch the "..Ultimate Therapist" videos. On Friday, I was trying to figure out how to learn muscle testing (my sense at the time was that it was about checking muscle strength) I even went so far to look for places to buy dynamometers so I could be "objective about the strength test" and it intrigued my that on none of the web sites that I looked at about Kinesiology and muscle testing did they mention the possible use of this device (Having the feeling that muscle testing was difficult to do objectively and you could get in the way, my initial response was to take myself out of the equation and put in a machine--my medical training coming through I'm afraid--I was trained in the era of not trusting your intuition and turning over diagnosis to the Ultrasound machines the CT scanners and the MRI machines)

As I watched more of the videos I finally got it that this was not about strength testing per se but was about setting up language to talk with your higher self. I played along with the presenters who used various methods to try to "decide" which one I should choose and finally about 10 pm as I was making tea, I just sat down in a chair and asked myself what I should do and which method to pick--My intuition said (I am auditory and I here a voice in my head that tells me things--which I have found is very easy for me to distrust because it "sounds" the same as my "itty bitty shitty committee") just skip the testing and just learn to trust your intuition (i.e. the voice in your head). Right after that I watched the video where you talked about the process and the possible stages to take and having the fall back position. Aha--I thought I'm supposed to skip the second and third steps (one-on-one testing and surrogate testing) and go right to intuition.

Now I can't remember if it's that video or a later one (I watched a bunch last night) but you went back to your example of the yellow zinger tennis serves and "having no choice but to get out of your way and just do it" and you said that if one could find a situation where one would "have no choice but to trust one's intuition" it would help you make progress. I remember thinking at the time that there couldn't possibly be a situation like that because you could always have the choice to go back to just plain old EFT or EFT with manual/surrogate diagnosis if you could do that (a bit limiting huh?).

Anyway to get to the point I have been leading up to (yes there is actually a point)--at 1am I'm trying to decide whether to keep watching or go to bed--I'm on video 12 I think--when I here a child crying downstairs (I have a 2 = and a 5 year old). I rush downstairs to find Joshua (my 5 year old son) crying in the bathroom about his head hurting terribly. As my medical mind is kicking in thinking "damn I hope this isn't another ear infection", my Mom instincts click in and I scoop him up in my arms and bring him to the couch in the darkened living room. Not knowing what else to do at 1 am in the morning with a half asleep, screaming child who I wanted to quiet quickly to keep from waking his brother--I put my hand on his head and thought about sending him positive healing energy and then I started "in my mind" doing the EFT tapping on his head--I didn't tap physically--I also emptied my head and just let points to tap come to me and that's what I did. Within about 2-3 seconds it seemed he instantly quieted and I sat there in shock going WOW. I didn't want to ask him if his head still hurt (5 year olds can be very suggestible) so I just asked my intuition again what to do and began tapping out fears about being alone, being scared, wanting to be close to Mommy, etc. after about 5-10 min.(he'd been quiet and not making a sound) I finally asked him how he was and he said his foot hurt. OK I'll "chase the pain" I thought to use your term. And focused on sending healing energy to his foot and tapped some more. Lastly I was trying to figure out how to get him to his bed and whether this was the right time--I wasn't getting any more messages about places to tap--so again I asked my higher self and heard "take him to bed with you. So I asked if he wanted to and he beamed and grinned and said yes and off we went.

Now granted I understand that this "proves nothing", that he might have quieted immediately no matter what I did, that this is all anecdotal, and all the caveats my medical mind (and writing on my walls) wants to put in there, but I just had to share with you a situation I found (or that found me to teach me something) where I "had no choice" but to use my intuition.

Thanks for all the love you share,

Mary Pellicer, MD

Confirmation from Elizabeth Mass

Note: Elizabeth Mass tells of a similar incident using surrogate tapping. It is similar to others on this web site including one I offered called Tapping with Intention.

Hi Gary -

Just read Mary Pellicer's note on her experience with her son, and decided it was time to share with you an experience I had right after the Las Vegas conference which supports hers.

I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Phoenix Sunday night, having just left Larry Nims' workshop. It was crowded, as airports are, and I noticed a young man (couldn't have been more than 23 -25 years old) holding a child, about 9-10 months old. The baby was crying, crying, crying. The father, travelling alone with the child (stroller, baby paraphenelia, etc.) was doing everything he could to calm and soothe the baby. Holding, rocking, patting, etc. The baby just kept on crying. A fellow passenger remarked to me that she hoped the baby would be all right on the plane, since take-off and landing are often hard on babies.

I was keenly aware of the young father's struggles, and actually, after some hesitation about intruding, went over to him to ask if I could help. (I thought if I could hold the baby, I could "slip in" some healing unobtrusively.) But, of course, the father wasn't about to hand his baby over to a stranger, no matter how well-meaning. So we spoke a little about how hard it is to travel alone with a baby. He told me the baby's name was Jacob.

I sat down again, but couldn't help being concerned for the baby who was so distressed. Finally, it dawned on me - I didn't have to hold the baby. I could do surrogate tapping! So I mentally asked permission, felt it was o.k., and then held the intention that I was going to do EFT for Jacob, with the focus on "this emotional distress." Not wanting to be tapping away in the airport, I just touched each of the points in turn, thinking, "this emotional distress." By the third point, I realized it had gotten very quiet & I saw that Jacob was no longer crying.

Naturally, my mind had a hard time believing that this was really the result of what I was doing, and that the result was so immediate. So I continued with all of the points (even the finger points) and then did them again...probably not at all necessary, because by this time (a matter of a minute, really) the baby was sound asleep on his father's shoulder.

Moreover, the baby slept through the entire flight and was still asleep when the plane landed. As I passed by the father on my way out, I glanced at him and smiled. He grinned happily, pleased that his little son was so contentedly asleep. I walked on with my little secret.

I was so moved by this experience, I had to tell everyone I could about it - surrogate tapping works. Especially for babies. And fast. Imagine the possibilities. Today, crying babies...tomorrow, distraught teenagers, frightened soldiers, maybe even tyrannical dictators????? What if we could focus on someone acting out, recognize the fear and pain behind that behavior, and with permission of the soul, assist that person's healing in our own quiet and unobtrusive way. Imagine the impact on the world. Grandiose thinking? Or another way to look at prayer? Or, perhaps...the real purpose and meaning of this incredibly loving, healing Energy Therapy?

Love, Elizabeth Mass


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