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Tapping with good photos and bad photos

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Hi Everyone,

Here's a useful idea by Suzanne Lerner that should have wide use for getting to many issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Dr. Suzanne ib Lerner

Hi Gary,

Something I have been having fun with, these days, is doing what I’ve dubbed EFT photo therapy.  I'm always finding ways to access people's issues and beliefs so what I devised was having the people I am working with send me a "good photo" and a "bad photo" of themselves.  In the old days, we'd tear up the bad photos, or not even print them.  But with digital, most people have a bunch of photos of themselves, and can find one they don't like, as well as one they do.  It provides great tapping material!  I ask them to first tell me about the photo and then tap on whatever arises:

Even though I look fat and ugly in that picture…

Even though at least my hair and eyes look nice, but I hate my nose, I choose to love and accept all of me.

Even though I sometimes am really shy…

Even though I think I look much better there than I do now, I choose to love myself completely, just the way I am.  Every age has its special beauty.

I first did this with teenagers, struggling with self-esteem issues.  But I soon found that adults could relate to this exercise as well, both male and female.  I think it works best, after some rapport has been built.  It really seems to a deeper sense of trust and connection.

I work with people all over the world by phone, and it also adds a kind of pen pal friendly feel.  You have to decide what works best for you, but depending on the person, as a surprise, after they have shared, I sometimes share a "good photo" and a "bad photo" of myself.  It's a lot of fun, and humanizing ... we get to experience each other as vulnerable, beautiful humans, with all our strengths and weaknesses.

I love experiencing how my life is blossoming with EFT.  I am taking more risks, having more fun with the way I dress, jumping on a log and shooting through a 5 foot waterfall - Exhilarating!  I am guided by Spirit, more and more and more...


Dr. Suzanne ib Lerner




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist