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Conversations with Dr. Mercola -- Part 5 of 7

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

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In this 5th installment we address serious diseases such as cancer, MS, AIDS, lupus, diabetes and the like. These are vitally important subjects, of course, and someday this exchange may be looked back on as the foundation for new, more effective methods to relieve these debilitating ailments.

Hugs, Gary


Note: If you haven't already done so, I suggest you visit Dr. Mercola's comprehensive web site at and consider joining his informative twice-weekly email list at These are impressive information sources.

Dr. Mercola,

When I first learned some of EFT's underlying techniques, I was taught that "energy toxins" could literally stop the tapping procedures from working. These energy toxins could be anything from food to cosmetics to soap to electronic pollution. Thus when tapping "doesn't work" the theory was that people had to first change their diet or other living patterns in order to "clear the system."

While there are some who still cling tenaciously to this concept (perhaps because it is a great way to excuse poor results), I found in recent times that a more effective technique for getting to "tough cases" was to ignore this energy toxin problem and seek out the true underlying emotional issues (core issues). Properly done, the vast majority of the issues are resolved and the so-called effect of energy toxins fades into nothingness.

However, that is not to say that the noxious substances we put in, on and around our bodies have no effect. Indeed, they can be profoundly irritating. But my more recent observations suggest that they don't block EFT from working. Rather, they are the literal CAUSE of the problem and, when this is the case, we can tap all day long and not make much headway. If one swallows arsenic, for example, the resultant problems are not likely to be "tapped away." A stomach pump would be far more useful.

Depression and generalized anxiety (particularly in people that have had a normal, non-abusive childhood) often vanish after eliminating the offending tapping needed. In these cases, the problem was simply a reaction to an offensive (for them) substance.

That being said, I would like to pose a philosophical question to you. As you know, EFT has often provided profound relief to both physical and emotional complaints even though the clients' dietary habits are atrocious. I have ignored their "garbage pail cuisine" and gotten results anyway. You, on the other hand, have an impressive history of relieving these issues (mostly physical) with a proper diet. You have done this for many years without ever using EFT. Thus for years we have both developed admirable benefits without using each other's techniques. So, here's my question....

As a trained physician, how do you think the combination of EFT with your eating plan would stack up against conventional medical procedures for such serious diseases as cancer, MS, AIDS, lupus, diabetes, etc.?

How's that for a light question?

Best, Gary


Dear Gary

Light indeed.

However, I believe that your question holds the seeds for a transformation in health care that is quite profound and nearly unimaginable in its full potential to not only provide rapid and effective solutions for health, but also dramatically lower the costs to achieve it.

We spend far too much on health in our country to support the drug companies and the return on this investment is not very good. Over 3 billion prescriptions were written last year in the US. That is ten prescriptions for every man, woman and child. Americans paid $150 billion dollars for these drugs, as each prescription costs about $50 on average.

As you and I both know, drugs are rarely the answer to chronic health problems. Radically reducing our dependence on drugs will utilize health care dollars far more effectively than any extension of socialized medicine ever could. It is my strong conviction that health is not just following the right diet, or resolving emotional wounding but an integration of those two elements. Additionally, structural elements of the musculoskeletal system should be addressed along with spiritual dimensions.

Once these four pillars of health are properly balanced, I believe the sky is the limit for healing all but the most seriously advanced degenerative diseases, and even then, who knows? I do believe the body has a fixed level of healing potential for physical illness, and at some point a threshold is crossed where recovery is not possible. However, this threshold, in my experience, is frequently very close to the time a person dies.

From a practical sense, the emotional and biochemical routes are two of the most powerful methods of healing and I am convinced that our two approaches are some of the best out there to facilitate healing in these dimensions. I am excited that both you and I are in the process of developing a joint research project, that we hope to commence later this year, in which we will provide our joint care for a group of those with serious medical conditions such as you describe. We hope to have the results published in a respected peer-reviewed medical journal and hopefully give the world a glimpse of the healing possibilities when one successfully integrates these two healing modalities.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

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