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A touching story: Easing Mary's death through surrogate EFT

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Hi Everyone,

Grace DaSilva-Hill spreads a little love with this story of using surrogate EFT to aid the gentle passing of her elderly friend.

Hugs, Gary

By Grace DaSilva-Hill

This EFT event involved an elderly Italian lady whom I shall call Mary.

I got to know Mary whilst we walked our dogs at the park. She was in her late 80's and her family meant a lot to her. Mary became seriously ill last year and was being cared for in hospital. One day her daughter rang asking me for help, because her mother was dying - a slow and distressing death.

I agreed to visit Mary in hospital. It became apparent to me that Mary was indeed dying, but her breathing was laboured and distressing to watch. She was semi-conscious. I also became aware that the issue holding her back was the fear of separating from her family, who were all around her in the room.

With permission from Mary's daughter, I offered to do some surrogate EFT. I had just come back from Manchester where I had learned surrogate EFT with Gary. I came out of the room accompanied by another mutual friend who spoke Italian.

Standing in a corner of the hospital corridor we did EFT together, me in English and my friend in Italian - and we said: "even though I have a fear of separating from my family, I totally and completely love and accept myself". We did two rounds of EFT, and then returned to the room where Mary was with her family.

The transformation was a most humbling experience. Within ten minutes of the EFT, Mary's breathing had slowed down and gently and slowly Mary stopped breathing, looking peaceful with her family surrounding her. Mary's daughter rang me two days later to thank me for the EFT, although I was the one who was so grateful for such a special and humbling experience.

This was my first time doing surrogate EFT and is one that I will never forget.

With love, respect and gratitude,

Grace DaSilva-Hill






Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist