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Resolving emotional causes for erectile dysfunction

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Hi Everyone,

Eric Robins, MD, a urologist in Southern California, skillfully applies EFT to a male patient who erroneously concluded that his recent vasectomy was causing erectile problems.

Hugs, Gary

By Eric Robins, MD

Hi Gary,

I recently saw an interesting urology case as a second opinion. The patient was a 30 year old male who underwent a vasectomy by my partner the previous month.

Apparently, the vasectomy was a little rougher and more lengthy than average, and because of this the patient had moderate swelling and discomfort during the healing process. To add to this, he misunderstood exactly what to expect after a vasectomy. He thought that he would be able to return to work, possibly the same day as the procedure. In fact, there is usually discomfort and swelling for anywhere from 2-10 days after the procedure, and guys typically need to spend the first couple of days laying low, feet up, applying ice packs, etc.

At any rate, the patient returned because he started having erectile problems and anxiety after the vasectomy. My partner explained that there is no direct link between doing a vasectomy and any erection problems, but neither his function or fears were allayed by this, so he came to see me.

As I reviewed the exact history and timeline, a few key features became clear:

1) The patient had a number of unresolved emotions regarding the discomfort of the procedure itself.

2) The patient was angry at how long it was taking him to heal with regards to his pain and swelling (objectively, it wasn't really taking that long, but subjectively it was based on his erroneous expectations).

3) About 10 days after the vasectomy, he attempted to have sex with his wife, but this first attempt caused him a great deal of pain, and in his mind he began to think, "I may never get better, and sex might never be the same again, and might always hurt." Talk about single episode conditioning!!! As a result of this painful first attempt, each subsequent time he went to have sex, he would think about this event, get anxious, and then his "equipment" wouldn't work.

Fortunately he was amenable to trying EFT. We first did a few rounds of tapping to clear away the unresolved emotions that came up when he thought back to the original procedure and the discomfort it caused. Next, we tapped on the memory of that first "painful sex event" until it was emotionally cleared.

As is pretty typical for me, once the main emotional charge is cleared, I try to reframe the event. In this case, I tried to make fun of the fact that he had one-time learning that he generalized as a life event instead of an isolated incident. We did more tapping, including a few rounds of Choice Statements, then he left.

He called me a week later to say that everything was fine, he was as much of a sexual animal as previous, and I could swear he was breathing heavily on the other end of the line.......

Eric Robins, MD




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