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EFT for looking forward instead of backwards

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Genevieve Gagos from France introduces some ideas for moving forward in one's life. Her approach involves some global approaches and she has had success with it. I also suggest that you address specific events to collapse the past issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Geneviève Gagos


Some persons are stuck so deep down in their personal swamp that, despite their strong desire to come back up to the surface, they keep adding more elements to their already long list of distressing events.

EFT is a technique that brings its users back to their personal autonomy and if I work at helping them to chop down the biggest trees of their forest, I also wish them to self- manage their own life as soon as possible. So when it appears that there is still one more tree that comes up behind the one just chopped down, I suggest to pack a burden bag and look forward, instead of continuing to re-tell the same old story.

This concerns people involved in a second or third session who are familiar with EFT. So I remind them that if they want to chop down every single tree appearing behind the just-chopped one, they can do it on their own. There is no need of a therapist for this.

This is how I proceed: I invite the person to visualise her remaining problems and pack them up in a container. She must make a short and precise description of the container (a bag, a trunk, a suit-case, etc.) and its contents. The person's choices and words are important here. For example "It's a heavy brown cloth bag, tied up with a white rope, I carry it over my right shoulder." We start with :

Even though I carry a heavy brown cloth bag tied up with a white rope over my right shoulder...

We continue visualising this bag while noting the changes that appear through the rounds of EFT. I don't use the 0-10 scale here since the wording will be largely informative.

Even though my heavy brown-cloth bag drags down...

At the end of the second tapping round, the person ended having dropped this bag on a platform and was about to board a ship. She seemed ready to forget about it. At this point I reminded her about the contents of this bag: her father, mother, sister, brother and my questions were: What about this bag now? Are you leaving it here on this platform?

The answer is interesting and tests the person's remaining attachment to the burden bag. The answer was "I will open it to check if there is anything good in it." The next tapping round was:

Even though I need to check if there is anything good in it...

The person then decided not to abandon the bag there for everyone to see, and to put it under a shelter, to protect it from the rain. It is then obvious that the person is not yet ready to get rid of her trouble and to walk on light-heartedly. We continue with:

Even though I need to secure my bag so that it doesn't get in the rain...

At the end of this round, the person decided to drop the bag into the sea and proceeded to get on board of the ship. This person has a personal project which will perhaps include a boat trip. This bag no longer seems to be worth any attention or care. I reminded her of the contents of the bag and the fact that once dropped in the sea, it will definitely get wet. It is no longer a problem.

One could think that this is the end of the story. But we can open up the next chapter of this person's life, its potentials. To this purpose I then use the scale about her desire to sail off on this ship. The response was 2 on a scale of 0 to 10.The tapping round will be:

Even though my desire to sail off on this ship is only 2...
The desire increases steadily with tapping.
Even though my desire to sail off on this ship is 5...

The desire was at 8 out of 10 and the person decided to continue the EFT rounds on her own up to a 10/10 desire. My suggestion for her to tap beyond and towards...11 or 12 out of 10 surprised her. The sea wind was already blowing on her cheeks! This person is confident that she can proceed this way hereafter, whenever her incentive gets weak.

EFT is definitely a wonderful tool and I remain amazed by its healing grace. Thank you Gary for such a great gift to the benefit of everyone and for taking such good care of it. It bears precious values which definitely must be respected.



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