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Ingrid Dinter's Box Technique for helping a client wind down when time is running out in a session

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes clients tune into a big issue when there isn't enough time available to handle it. A thank you to Ingrid Dinter for sharing her method for bringing such a client "down" efficiently.

Hugs, Gary

By Ingrid Dinter

Dear Gary,

I would like to share the box technique, which I find very useful when I cannot finish a session with a client immediately.

The following situation happened during my latest EFT Level I workshop when a woman began to tune into something very big for her.  It turned out that she had been suffering from PTSD for many years, and she wasn’t ready to share any details.  Her emotional outburst took her by surprise, since she thought she had successfully addressed her trauma through previous EMDR sessions.  The structure of the seminar allowed for a certain timeframe to help her out of this, and we got some good relief.  However, it was clear that she needed more.  

Here is how she described her situation:  "I had to shut the door while we were tapping because it was just too hard to do this in front of a group.  I know you gave me the opportunity to take care of things afterwards, but I was just too tired to do anymore that day.  I have been suffering from lack of sleep.  When I'm emotional, as I was on Saturday, it exhausts me."

Since she used the phrasing: "I am surprised that this box was opened up again!" we decided to find a way to put things back into the box and safely close it until next time.  After all, putting clutter into a designated box can help the cleanup process.

Here is how we did it:

Even though I feel wide open now, I choose to feel surprisingly comfortable putting all my memories in a safe box.

Even though I feel I have more to work do, I appreciate myself for the success I have made so far.

Even though so much has happened, I choose to feel very comfortable distancing myself from it and move on until a later time.

Then we tapped up and down the body like this:

- So much has happened

- But it is all in the past

- I choose to feel surprisingly safe about that

- After all, I made it anyhow

- I must be stronger than I thought I was

- It is not easy to survive stuff like that, and I did it

- What if it was OK to put the rest of what happens into a safe box?

- What if I was under control of opening it when I choose?

- What if I could choose a safe time and place?

- What if I could continue to enjoy my life and power, even with the box?

- I can imagine that I would like that

- I appreciate myself for being under control

- I appreciate myself for choosing to lock my stuff away until I want to bring it out again!

- I allow myself to heal, one step at a time

- This happened a long time ago, and I allow it to heal at my own terms

- This doesn't have control over me anymore

- I am the boss of my energy disruptions

- I love how good it feels to be in charge

- My memories respect and accept me for my power

- I know I will get this done at it's own time

- It will be whenever I choose it to be

- That's how powerful I am.

- I actually like the box

- This is my box and I can do with it whatever I want

- I can feel safe with this box because I can address it whenever I want to

- What a gift, what a blessing this is!

- I love feeling safe again in my life

- I know I can heal this and I will

- I might even be healed already

- I might already have changed my future now

- I love how calm and confident I feel, even though I still have this box

- What if I could toss the box all together at some point?

- After all, I have healed so much already

- I will find that out at a time I choose

- And in the meantime, I will enjoy my life and power without looking into the box.

- Thank you box, for bringing such good control and order into my life.

We just kept tapping up and down the body, creating her future with, and then without the box in her mind.  I recently contacted her.  She left the seminar in a very peaceful, blissful and connected way.  She has started to be very busy, releasing people, habits and thoughts out of her life, studying new things and tapping along on everything.  What a blessing to know her!

In my experience, next time, when we open the box again, the content will be different from what she felt she put in.  It will have changed and rearranged itself and a lot of it will be gone.

In deep gratitude,



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