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Articles & Ideas

Using EFT

Using EFT to better enjoy certain foods and expand sensory experience

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Here is a useful article by Andi Whitaker to help us enhance our everyday experiences. Note that while Andi focuses on olives, classical music and stereograms, the idea is good for a wide variety of experiences. Use your imagination.

By Andi Whitaker

Dear Gary,

One of the most attractive features of EFT for me has always been its immediacy and how in a matter of moments you can create an experiment and get verifiable results.

Using EFT to reduce the cravings for nicotine or chocolate is fun and impressive, but I started to think what about the other way, to help people increase their desire for certain foods.

One of my favorite foods is olives and just before Xmas I discovered that Andrej, a young man in our office detested olives; this was clearly evident by the grimace on his face when he described them.

He is familiar with EFT and so we did a quick round, with a simple set up

Even though I do not like olives...

We then tested and he actually put an olive in his mouth and sort of shrugged, unfortunately we were then interrupted and were unable to do any more EFT.

After Xmas, I bought some really good olives for Andrej and at lunch I gave them to him and remarked we'd better do some more EFT; much to my surprise he simply announced there was no need as he had been enjoying olives over the holiday. I spoke to him about olives the other day and he still buys, eats and enjoys them; only problem is less olives for me at lunch.

Another success was in a restaurant with a teenage boy who was busily picking his courgettes out of the pizza. On the DES (Desirable Eats Scale) he scored 2 with a refusal to put them in his mouth and after 4 rounds went up to 5 and ate some.

Again we were just using his good basic, but accurate set up phrases.

Even though I've never liked courgettes...

Even though they look really yucky...

This is a very interesting area as many difficult children are transformed if they change their diet. I mentioned this to a friend at an EFT seminar. He works with problem children in schools and he too has had good results.

But it's not all instant foods, one friend is still not eating bananas. We came up with all sorts of aspects and didn't have enough time to find more; really it's just the same as any good EFT, lots of detective work.

I have also removed my aversion to classical music by simply tapping on whatever came to mind and following the chain of aspects after starting with

Even though I don't like classical music...

Now my clock radio wakes me up to Bach and Handel, but along with the enjoyment of the music I can perceive much more of the structure and what a composer is doing.

I am also using EFT for developing synesthesia, where the senses are expanded e.g smelling colors or seeing sounds; the music now makes shapes inside me and that is pretty interesting and pleasurable.

Finally, I have never been able to view stereograms, in the past everybody else was looking at these weird pictures, full of dots and exclaiming how beautiful they are and I'm getting nowhere.

But now thanks to the wonders of EFT...

Even though I'm frustrated that I can't see the 3D image...

Followed by

Even though my brain and eyes do not understand how to see these 3D images...

Now I can see them and they really are amazing and yes, not only does Andrej eat olives, he too can now see the 3D images in stereograms; he took about 4 rounds.

Another friend had never, ever been able to see them and wanted to try out EFT for viewing stereograms, so I explained the protocol to her and during the pre-test she ruined the whole experiment by shrieking she could now see them. Ties in very nicely with the whole idea of intention.

If we look at the mechanics of viewing stereograms, it involves relaxing the eyes and focusing in a different way; so this is really extraordinary to literally re-educate the body in 2 minutes. I have found my vision and eyes much more relaxed and I now look at stereograms most days. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Andi Whitaker


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