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Using EFT

Using EFT to reclaim our personal power

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Trish Hodges from Australia gives her thoughts on why people with serious diseases sometimes stop tapping, even when they know it is beneficial. Along the way she emphasizes how we cause, and can heal, our own ailments.

Hugs, Gary

By Trish Hodges

Hi Gary,

I am writing to address the issue of clients who do not keep tapping, even when their medical condition, or their life in general,  is clearly improving. 

From nearly three decades of experience I know that symptoms, be they physical or emotional are either the top layer of an underlying problem and/or more often, a misdirection to lead oneself and others, away from the real issue.

The symptom may recede with tapping, but if it exists as a solution to a life problem, the client may feel they must stop tapping; otherwise their psychological status quo will be undermined.

The best time for the deeper issue to surface and be healed, often most effectively with EFT, is when the client really gets that they are the ghost in the machine, orchestrating the whole thing; and that they can stop doing it, if and whenever they are ready.

At that time the answer to the riddle will simply pop into their heads. Why? Because unless the conscious self is ready to know what it is unconsciously doing, the knowledge will be traumatic, and will in an instant be made unconscious again. 

There may be some issues which can be tapped away and which will not return, eg. spider and snake phobias or fear of heights, and post traumatic stress symptoms. But, in my work with clients, while tapping is a valuable tool, it is not the main event. The man event, is helping them reclaim their personal power, by owning it all, WITHOUT JUDGMENT. 

It doesn’t matter what it is that any of us is doing. To change it, we must own it, accept it, forgive ourselves, then move on. Beating ourselves up is just more of staying where we are. Once you let yourself know how you’ve been doing it, just stop it and get on with the new way of being. You are only doing what everyone else is doing.

The biological process of how we are creating MS, OCD, IBS or any other alphabet condition does not need to be understood - the body (our unconscious self) understands how to create it for us. And it will heal us the same way. 

I’ll use treatment of a client with MS to demonstrate using EFT in reclaiming one’s personal power. I do not focus on the symptoms, but rather suggest that they use EFT to ease the symptoms, while we work on how they are causing it. Once the riddle is solved, they may need to support the body nutritionally or in other ways, eg. body work to assist the body in the physical healing.

I will explain to the client that while what is happening in the body of someone with MS may be pretty much the same from person to person, the cause of the MS will be different for each person. Once I have their agreement to work in this very different way from the medical model, we might begin with...

“Even though I accept that I am causing the MS, though I don’t yet know how, I accept myself deeply and completely. “

Something will pop up in response to this round, say “Hey, this is a really weird way to treat a physical disease, isn’t it ?”

“Even though I think this is a really weird way to treat a physical disease, I accept myself, etc”

which may lead to a question, “And this works doesn't it?”

“Even though I have doubts that this EFT could cure my MS, I accept myself, etc”

I will mention here that EFT will not cure their MS. Only they can do that, by letting themselves know how they caused it. EFT will only facilitate the process.

which might lead to “how long will this take ?”

I will answer “as long as it takes you to let yourself know the answer to the riddle. And, if you decide to not do that, it’s OK with me, because its your life, and none of my business or anyone else’s whether you stop doing MS or not”

This paradoxical approach is very powerful. I am telling them that they can easily defeat the process, by lying to me, leaving out important stuff, or just plain outsmarting me, because only they know the answer anyway.

Along the way unresolved stuff, traumas etc will pop up, often not critical to the solution, but we will process them anyway with EFT. It takes at least a couple of sessions for the client to get into the swing of it and forget about me, and just follow their stream of consciousness, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, moving closer and closer to the truth, balking at something, then moving ahead again. We just EFT it all. 

Somewhere in there I also explain that the conscious self is but a small part of who we are. The solution to our life problems lies in becoming conscious of what we have pushed out of awareness. Most people realise that there are different parts of themselves, with different agendas. Eg. “I want to go back to school, but a part of me can’t be bothered with all the work!”

Sometimes we do know how we are creating and maintaining a symptom, but work hard at not letting anyone else in on it.  The above approach works particularly well here, because the therapist is not invested in finding them out. 

In my experience, we ALL hide from ourselves to some degree, sometimes with labyrinthine defences. Anything we are not willing to deal with in our lives, we decide is happening to us, rather than something we are doing. This reality is like the elephant in the room that NO ONE is acknowledging, because if we call one person on it, we will all be found out.

EFT is a wonderful tool, but used within the context of owning our personal power, the speed of our healing will be astounding, possibly even instantaneous.

Trish Hodges


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