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Using EFT for overcoming procrastination

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Hi Everyone,

Most of us deal with procrastination in our daily lives. Here is how Frances Songhurst from the UK used EFT to get beyond it.

Hugs, Gary

By Frances Songhurst

Hi Gary,

This article is for anyone who finds that PROCRASTINATION rules their lives! I certainly found it did until recently.

Every morning I start my day with a cup of tea, and while drinking it, I create a list of things to do for that day. I fully intend to do all these items on my list, but I was aware that rarely happened. Possibly only once a month, did I manage to do all the tasks in the day.

Anyhow, a few days ago I decided to give myself a rating on a 1 - 10 scale on the possibility of me doing all the tasks I had written down (a 10 would be me doing all of them). I surprised myself by only coming out at a 5, so, with the list in my hand I did a round of tapping on...

"Even though I don't think I will do all these tasks today, I love and trust myself to do them"

"Even though I find it hard to get things done,I choose for it to be really easy doing these tasks, and I know how joyful I will feel when they are done".

I did another rating and came out at a 7, not bad but I wanted to see if I could get a 10, so I studied my list to see if I could find what may be preventing this. I found two items I had been putting off for some time. One was typing up some newsletters for my therapy practice, and the other was typing up a letter to a possible client.

My stomach had a real sinking feeling when I thought of doing those tasks. So I tapped on...

"Sinking stomach feeling"

"Being bothered to do these tasks"

"It takes up so much time".

This was what I was feeling at the time, however a biggie came up which was a feeling of fear - I was afraid of rejection, and I was imagining people picking up my newsletter, and throwing it away, and also the 'potential client' putting my letter in the bin!

I tapped on...

"Fear of rejection"

"choosing to give people an enjoyable read"

"Connecting with others"

"embracing future clients"

"If people decide to throw my writings away then they are missing out, but it's no big deal for me"

I gave myself another rating and came out a 10! I also felt full of energy and was looking forward to doing all those tasks. At the end of the day, not only had I achieved doing all the tasks on my list, I had an unexpected lunch break of 3 1/2 hours inbetween, and I also did two extra tasks!
I now do the tapping, as part of my daily routine, for my list, and am amazed at what I can now do, with no problems! Fantastic!

Frances Songhurst





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