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Finding out what really caused a food craving

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Here's a brief idea from Deborah Miller PhD that brings about big results for stubborn food cravings.  Notice how her approach involves common sense questions.

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By Deborah Miller PhD


I enjoy how EFT allows one to get to the core reason for a food craving. This interesting story tells how well we hide the reasons.

I facilitate individual sessions and group classes titled "EFT Ideal Weight." It is a delightful way to look at the myriad of causes for holding onto weight.

In one particular class dealing with food cravings the following happened. Each person brought an item to the class that they had cravings for. I asked each woman to look at the food item, smell it and sense the emotions that came to the surface because I wanted them to identify what it was about the item that they craved. Was it the look, the taste, the texture?

With EFT the  craving level was dropping quickly for everyone but one woman. Her craving was for a specific type of bread. When I asked her what it was about the bread that she craved she admitted that it wasn't the bread. It was dunking the bread in milk. I asked her what it was about dunking the bread in milk that she enjoyed so. She told me that it made the bread soft. The type of bread she craved is dry bread commonly used for dunking in milk or hot chocolate.

Then I asked her if there was something in her life that was hard that she wanted to make soft. Her eyes got wide and she stated that her husband was sometimes hard with her and she wished he'd be softer. From that moment on her craving level for the bread dropped to nothing. Since this session she hasn't had a craving for dunking bread in milk.

Deborah Miller PhD

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Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist