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The core issue behind a cookie craving

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German EFT'er Horst Benesch could not get a woman beyond her cookie craving (this is usually easy to do) until he persisted with questions and discovered a core issue. Once the core issue was collapsed with EFT, the cookie craving disappeared. This an important concept that all serious EFT'ers need to understand.

By Horst Benesch (EFT-ADV, Psychotherapist)

In a recent EFT workshop I placed cookies in the middle of the tables and asked whether there is someone who irresistably has to eat one of them. A Woman, 42, said she cannot imagine not to eat this sugar coated cookie until the end of this evening. I let her smell and taste a bit: rating 7.

We tapped for the craving: no change, again 7. We used sore spot, more emphasis: no change. I let her bite a small piece again and asked her to describe me what she senses. She reported a certain pleasurable sense of melting in her mouth. We tapped "Even though I like this melting feeling in my mouth ..." No change, still a 7.

I then asked her to describe this melting more exactly, what does it feel like for her. She said: "smooth, warm and sweet." And she added: "that is because my mother never had nursed me." I wanted to hook into this argument, but she refused and said, it was just a joke. Nevertheless I asked her, whether or not it is true. She conceded, her mother never had nursed her.

I told her, I take this "joke" for serious, because maybe that is the way her unconscious tricked her. Thus we tapped on "Even though my mother never did nurse me and even though I therefore miss this warm, smooth and sweet sensation within my mouth ..."

After a whole round of the basic recipe I let her taste again: She was astonished and reported that this cookie tasted sweeter, but nevertheless she would eat it.

Another round of tapping, again tasting: Now she reported that it was tasting unpleasurably sweet, and she did not want to eat this cookie anymore. As a challenge I put cookies directly in front of her during the whole evening. She did not even feel a slight desire for them.

In the end of this group I asked her again to have a little taste. She did not like it: it was too sweet. A followup call still must be done.

Horst Benesch (EFT-ADV, Psychotherapist)

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Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist