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Serious Diseases


EFT Newbies speak--Childbirth, Allergies, Phobias, Back pain & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Dr. Alexander Lees of Canada received several letters from his EFT students in Spain and other parts of the world. They are all EFT Newbies, of course, and report some useful experiences. Their letters follow. Please note that, while these reports range from impressive to spectacular, Newcomers to EFT do not always get these results. To achieve these benefits more consistently, more education is necessary.

From Dr. Alexander Lees and his students

EFT and Labour
By Sandra Oben
New Mom to Stephanie and an avid "EFTer!"

I went into a false labour about four times before the real thing happened. Each time the labour started I would focus on tapping. I tapped consistently on "this horrible pain" or "these horrible cramps from these contractions". I changed the wording slightly to whatever I was feeling at the time. I noticed that the tapping took the edge off. I was determined to go into this labour "in control" and I was going to prove that tapping could work or at least find out how much. Well, it worked so well that I would eventually go out of labour. False or real ... I wasn't sure anymore and I kept saying to Jeff, "what if the tapping is what is stopping the labour"?? Having said that, the next time I started labour pains, I didn't want it to stop so I didn't tap until near the end for fear that I would reverse it. My theory that I could have reversed it could be ridiculous but I was too desperate to take any chances.

It was about an hour before I had Stephanie that I felt like I couldn't handle the pain anymore. The nurse encouraged me to suck on gas but it didn't feel like it was helping. I couldn't tap because I needed my hands to squeeze the.... out of Jeff's hands. So, I rested my head on the edge of the bed, while standing, and started tapping visually in my head. Saying phrases such as, "these horrible painful contractions", or "this horrible pain that I can't handle anymore" whatever I was feeling at the time. This took the edge off after a couple of rounds. Lastly, when it was time to push her out, I told them "I can't do this anymore". I couldn't find the energy to finish the delivery. I seriously felt like giving up like I have never felt before. I asked for drugs but they said we were too close to finishing. They reassured me that I only had a few pushes left and it would be over. After they said that, I still couldn't find the energy to do anything more. That is when I started tapping visually in my head, and said "this feeling like I can't do this anymore", or,"this feeling like I can't handle this pain anymore." In my opinion, this tapping is what gave me the strength to finish the delivery. It relaxed me just enough to be able to listen, and focus on the doctor's instructions.

I regret that I didn't use EFT more during labour and delivery. If I could do it again, I would make sure that I had someone, maybe an EFT practitioner, encouraging me and reminding me to tap the whole time. However, when I did use EFT, I noticed a reduction in pain, and an increase in my ability to focus.

EFT and Allergies
By Jose Hernandez
Salamanca, Spain
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whilst practising tapping the points during Dr. Alex Lees' recent EFT Seminar presented in Spain, I was concentrating on my allergies. The next day, I went mountain climbing and was practically swimming in flowers that typically would set off sneezing, runny nose, irritated eyes and throat... but nothing - wow!

Returning to my home town, a couple of weeks after this first experience, I started having the usual allergic reactions. I found that by tapping on "this itching in my throat", I could feel the itch reducing and it was gone before I had finished the full round. I found the sneezing required more persistence, each time trying to be more specific in the description of the sneezing e.g.. "this annoying sneezing".

Finding that, although much reduced, the reactions are still there, I now try to really hone in on what might be causing them. For example, "whatever this substance is that's making me sneeze". This way, I'm being more specific about describing the problem, even though I don't specifically know what the substance I'm reacting to is. One I've also been trying recently is... "I choose to not react so strongly to what's irritating me now" (picked that one up from the advanced EFT seminar!)

The results ? Well, I don't use any kind of medication for my allergies. I seem to have allergic reactions less often than I did before using EFT and when I do, the symptoms don't seem to last as long. It appears my brother and I suffer from the same allergies, he's curious to know what new medication I'm using...

EFT and a Phobia
By Sharon Nilsson
Alfaz del Pi, Spain

I just wanted to report back that I came face to face with my first live cockroach since the EFT seminar you gave in Spain. It was on the first stair, on the way up to my apartment last night. I didn't jump off the step - luckily as I would have broken another ankle! I stopped on the third step, below it, watched it wiggle around for half a second, and then backed away gently!!!!!! Thank you so much for that, I felt it was a huge leap for Sharon Nilsson!!!!

Story from an EFT "Newbie"
By Marie Holliday
San Pedro Del Pinatar, Spain

I know you really don't want to know about any more EFT successes, they must be coming out of your ears! Pleeeeease just let me tell you about working with my first couple as an "EFT newbie."

One has low back pain and the other Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)....nothing too simple eh!

The first is a lady with low back pain and her 0-10 intensity was an 8, and got her down to 0, using only emotional stuff for tapping and not "pain." She was over the moon about this and wants me to see her child.

The second is a neighbour I have been tapping on for nearly a week and a half. He has had massive problems with RA and breathing problems from chronic bronchitis. He is 71 and has been ill for 20 years.

When we started, his 0-10 intensities were all very high. As of this writing, he has no stiffness or pain! He can walk upstairs to bed now without stopping in-between for several minutes out of breath. He always suffered incontinence at the top of the stairs, which is a zero now. After I suggested he tapped at the bottom of the stairs, and if he did wet himself, to tap at the top of the stairs as well. He hardly uses his walking sticks now and his breathing is becoming easier. He can now get in and out of the car OK, he says he feels great when he gets out of bed in a morning. He has no more stiff arms and can do his collar bone breathing easily and lift his arms freely. His 2 fingers that he couldn't put together, he now can, and can hold things without dropping them. His wife is telling everyone he is like a new man and was walking round for ages on his own the other day, when normally he would sit in the car. We were all at a neighbour's party at the weekend, where he told everyone that I had helped him than any doctor had in 20 years ! I had a little tear and said it was EFT that had helped him and I must admit I thanked God for being introduced to EFT, even if it was only for Johns' sake.

Now to finish with a funny story. I sent my mum a diagram for tapping, as she lives in UK. She had a mastectomy last year at the wonderful age of 81. It has left her with some numbness on her side, so we said we would try tapping. Bless her....I found out later that she had been tapping on the telephone instead of her gamut point! I howled with laughter... at least the phone feels better.


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