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An EFT Newcomer relieves Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Hi Everyone,

Tam and Mair Llewellyn from the UK share with us a letter from Geoff Graham, a therapist and recent graduate of their EFT training courses. Several things are worth noting....

1. Geoff's sense of trepidation at applying these strange appearing methods, especially to such an intense issue as PTSD. This is particularly useful to newcomers who, typically, are understandably timid about trying out this new healing tool.

2. The physical trauma (from a car accident) was healing fine but the emotional trauma emerged as the major problem.

3. Geoff uses the "tap while telling the story" method of delivering EFT. This is a very convenient and effective technique that often brings up important aspects without having to dig them up. Highly recommended.

Hugs, Gary

by Geoff Graham

Very soon after completing the Practitioner Training with Tam & Mair I met with a young man, "Tom" and his mother. Tom had toured the USA the previous summer, with other young people, playing soccer against other American teams. The whole team had worked hard to make this happen and had put much energy into fund raising.

While on tour Tom had been involved in a serious road traffic accident and suffered considerable injuries to his legs and pelvis.

Although he was making good progress physically, the trauma of the event was proving more difficult and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder were very evident (with very high anxiety when travelling in any motor vehicle).

I taught both Tom and his mother the EFT protocol. I have to confess I did it with some trepidation as it was still new to me. I even suggested before we started that if, at the end of the session, Tom decided he'd just spent some time in the company of a nut case then I'd accept it!

As we tapped, however, he became visibly more relaxed. I asked him to tell me the story of the accident, stopping at each point where he began to feel some anxiety, and then to tap on this aspect. Soon he was able to recount the events without any distress. I have to admit I had a mixture of emotions - I was pleased we seem to have a success, and yet there were nagging doubts - "It won't last, he's just saying it's OK to please this strange nut case" etc.

The car journey home after our session, some 30 or 40 miles in the dark, was quite uneventful. Tom had been calm, relaxed and without any of the previously displayed alarms that had marked the journey to me.

The mother asked me to write a letter to the boy's doctor describing how I found him. I understand the doctor had to communicate to the USA and let the authorities know of Tom's progress. This gave me good reason to contact Tom and his mother about a fortnight later. To my delight, I discovered that Tom was fine and progressing well. He continued to be relaxed during subsequent car journeys. He had also been seen by his doctor who was struck by the change in him and who no longer required a supporting letter from me. (I still wrote to him, though. Business is business!)

So there it is folks. A success....and now I'm hungry for more clients to practice on - I mean share with!

Geoff Graham




Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist