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Pieter de Zwart combines his intuition with quality testing of his work for a first class result for trauma

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

There are some important examples in this case by Pieter de Zwart of New Zealand. He got behind the word "wind" to dig up a traumatic incident and then, after successful rounds of EFT, tested the result by recreating the original scene. This case can be modeled to fit many circumstances.

Hugs, Gary

By Pieter de Zwart

Hi Gary

Below a case that illustrated to me how EFT practitioners need to combine good listening with intuition as well as questioning in order to avoid misdiagnosis, misunderstanding and incomplete resolve of issues. Also, how language can be interpreted differently ;-).

I have permission from the client to ‘publish’ this short story, but on condition that her name be changed.

Trudy, a lady (40) originally from South Africa, called me to ask if I could help her with her self esteem issues. So after the usual introductions and small talk at her first session, and knowing self esteem issues often stem from many deep seated emotional upsets, I asked her what was bothering her the most at the present time. “Wind”, she said. Wind? “Yes, I get these pains in the lower right hand abdominal area.”

She didn’t mention these pains before, I thought, but considering the area she’s pointing to… oh well makes sense; gas pains, perhaps irritable bowel syndrome….. Some further questioning also reveals issues with parents and childhood abuse.

So, we first start tapping on the pain, which she rated at a 6, but after 3 rounds we’re only down by 1 point. Therefore before continuing I decide to do some further questioning and mention that gas pains or wind are often also associated with holding on to undigested ideas, etc. “Gas pains?”, she replies, “like flatulence? No haven’t got that. I get the pain down there often when I hear the wind blowing, especially when I am inside the house…”.

Turned out that as a child she was often locked into a cupboard when mum and dad had a fight, or later after dad died, when mum had other men over. And as the cupboard wall was an outside wall, while in there she heard the wind blowing and that caused an association to the trauma endured. So now every time she hears the noise of the wind, or was/is near a cupboard, but lately also just randomly, the pain reaction is triggered.

So we decided to continue the tapping on this childhood trauma experience, which she rated at a 10. “Even though I was locked inside the cupboard, which wasn’t my fault, and I hear the wind blowing, I deeply love and accept myself.”

After two rounds she says she’s down to a 3. Wow, great, but something tells me that that is not quite genuine, so I asked her to check the rating and yes, it’s a 3. Okay, if you say so, I thought. But that made me then go to the double cupboard in the room, open it and ask her to step inside. Her reaction spoke for itself, she completely broke down and after settling down she admitted that it was still a 10, but hadn’t quite wanted to look a fool and get it over and done with, so stated a 3!!

We continued with more EFT and some different set up statements addressing fear and anger as well. After 6 more rounds she genuinely was down to a 3; 1 more round after that achieved a 0. So I asked her to go into the cupboard again and this time she went willingly, even closed the door behind her and felt no anxiety at all, several times. Needless to say she was very happy, and it showed too.

In session 2 we again tested the cupboard, which remained at a 0 and also addressed childhood (sexual) abuse issues. I received the following thank you note from her:

“Thanks to you and the EFT program I have resolved a lot of my past problems. I did have some doubts but I am now convinced that the EFT program works. I have rediscovered joy in my life, I feel a lot better in myself and all those around me have noticed the difference. Thanks again.”

Warmest regards

Pieter de Zwart



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