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EFT newcomer diffuses trauma even though he didn't know it was rape

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Note how Mark Brackenbury tiptoes into this rape trauma and collapses it before knowing what it was.

Hugs, Gary

By Mark Brackenbury

Hi Gary,

I am quite new to EFT but have had amazing results on almost everyone I have tried it on.  I have a few wonderful stories but I'll stick to one I'd like to share as it has three first time experiences for me.

I am starting to get a business going working with clients in the areas of mental and emotional healing and growth, and have been working on getting experience with EFT, as it is an obviously powerful tool to have in the toolbox.  So any chance I get I try it out on friends or anyone I run into that may be open to it.  This case is an example of someone I didn't really know but I thought would go for it and intuition told me she could use it (not that we all can't use some healing).

I was paying to see her for some therapy of a physical nature and it was at the end of my second visit with her that I offered to do a little tapping.  Our total time together with me as the client was 2 hrs so we had definitely made some connections.

She said yes but was pretty hesitant about telling me what the situation was.  I told her I don't need to know but although part of her wanted to do it part of her was holding back.  So I suggested we tap on the anxiety she felt from thinking about telling me the issue (looking back I suspect it was more to do with addressing the situation at all and the whole process).  But we tapped for the anxiety about sharing the issue.

After a couple rounds I asked her how she felt and she said she felt very angry.  I asked her if there was a word we could use for the situation and she said she now felt very sad.  I said we can address multiple emotions but it would probably work best if we could focus on one.  She then told me she felt another emotion (I forget which one) and continued by saying that her emotions were jumping all over the place.

I suggested we tap for her emotions being all over the place or jumping around.  I forget the exact words used.

I went through the whole long process with the 9 gamut and the sequence twice with a few extra taps on the CB (I'd like to think this is intuitive but I do that with everyone pretty much).  I figured stopping and assessing whether the emotions slowed down might get her to focus on one aspect and then it might jump again if we started working on that aspect.  I don't know but felt like I should just get as much as possible before stopping and looking again.

So then I asked her how she felt.  She thought about it and said fine.  So I asked what emotion was coming up now.  After a short pause she said nothing.  I asked her to think about the situation a little and if anything started to come up to let me know.  Again nothing.

Getting her to take her mental wellbeing into her own hands I asked her to close her eyes and to try to bring something up and if anything started to come up not to get in too deep, just to let me know.

Again she said no emotions came up.  So I asked her if she could tell me what the issue was.  She said yes and said "I was (short pause) raped."  I asked her if she had any emotional response to sharing that with me.  She didn't.  I asked her if it was something she could normally share with people.  She said no.  She proceeded to tell me about it in some detail.  It had happened 20 years ago.  She actually said half jokingly but half seriously, "You bastard, it shouldn't be that easy to get rid of."  She'd carried it around for 20 years.

So it was my first one minute miracle, a first where I didn’t know the issue and a first issue that was so acutely traumatic.



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