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Back Pain Relief

Bernie uses his tapping bear to help a woman with back pain

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Here's a semi-surrogate approach to back pain by Bernie Turvey of Australia. Many EFT successes have been reported using toy bears and other dolls as the tapping recipient. Give it a try. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Bernie Turvey

Hi Gary,

Here's a nice sub-one minute miracle involving severe back pain. My client, 'Rose', complained of chronic and very severe mid-thoracic back pain. Even just rolling over in bed whilst asleep would awaken her in agony, with a feeling "like a knife had been driven into my spine".

She had recently had a full-spine MRI, and her orthopaedic surgeon had told her of a relatively minor lumbar-area disc shrinkage that was pinching a nerve and causing leg symptoms, but could not find any physical reason for her agonising mid-back pain, which originated between her shoulder blades and radiated laterally as well as vertically upwards causing "agonising pain".

Having eliminated physical causes, Rose decided to turn to non-physical remedies, and asked for my help. She said that the 'crippling' pain had been ongoing for over a month, and that since she "didn't do pain well" it was having a severe impact on her life in all areas. She rated it at 12 out of 10.

I had a feeling that Dougal, my tappy bear (a toy bear on which people could tap for issues), could be helpful, so he was duly introduced, and I explained to Rose that this poor bear had awful back pain, and that she was going to assist me in helping him.

Deciding on how to express the statement was a slight 'poser' because Rose held the view that it was energetic, and that one should assimilate energies, not reject them. Once I suggested that it was the pain that Dougal was rejecting, not the energies, we agreed upon:

Even though you have this thoracic back pain Dougal, you choose to release the pain regardless of cause or origin.

Dougal sat on Rose's lap, and we started with a round of "This thoracic pain", with Rose silently tapping Dougal along with me (tapping on myself), and with me verbalising the statement. I was anticipating some action on the second round - 'You choose to release this pain regardless of its cause or origin', but we never got that far.

At the CB point, Rose suddenly started really hoeing into poor Dougal, driving her fingertips hard into that point as if to skewer him. She said "I'm not doing this" and continued the hammering through to the UA point, when she eased up and tapped 'normally'.

Then she said "It's gone. It's a zero. God, I am pain free for the first time for ages ...."

She stretched, wriggled her shoulders, stood up and swung her arms and felt no pain at all. She then told me that when she started to hammer into Dougal's collar bone, she could "feel the energy releasing, coming out of my fingertips like chopped-up bits of spaghetti". She said that she "felt like a different person".

In discussion afterwards, Rose said that during the tapping, she felt that she was "not expressing herself", and that that was what was released; and certainly the 'idea' was in the background to release the pain "regardless of cause or origin", that being the second round affirmation even though we never reached it.

What was released? I don't know. Energy, some blockage going back 'X' years, a self-image, anger, an emotional pain - well, while I feel sure that there remains work to be done for Rose, this particular release went from a 12 to a zero in less than half a round of EFT. Energy-sensitive people 'around the ridges' are saying that the present energy scene is one of enhancement of, and ease of access to, energetic phenomena. This being so, it is perfectly logical that EFT should also get 'super-charged'!

Dougal is recovering from a broken collar bone and two cracked ribs and he should be out of hospital soon. Fortunately his pain is not un-bearable.

Thank-you yet again, Gary.

Be Well, Bernie Turvey (Tasmania).



Hi Gary,

Re my article about Dougal the tappy bear and back pain.

I was surprised to receive a number of messages from people thanking me for that - it seemed to strike a chord.

Therefore I will expand on it. If more advanced EFT'ers can take this and improve on it - that's fine.

I expect that we have all found ourselves in a situation where we start with a sore knee and end up in a child-abuse kicking attack .... or similar. Where do you go from there, when the earliest possible appointment with a psychotherapist is 3 months away, and Gary's Golden Rule injunction of "Don't go where you don't belong?

Talk about having a tiger by the tail!

I was caught in just this position, and evolved what I call a "quadruple remove" to handle it. Did it work? Well, certainly and definitely the client reported short and medium term relief - 'weight off my shoulders' type phrases. In deeper psychiatric terms, only time will tell - or a long and serious session with a psychiatrist who is both au fait with, and on side with, EFT.

My first priority was relief for my client after the unexpected and inadvertent stirring of long-buried events. How to do this without causing yet more pain and emotional turmoil? I remembered reading about "Tapping on the intensity", but after fishing for reaction from the client, even that was a 20/10.

Enter Dougal, my tappy-bear. (The outline below is based on a number of sessions, amalgamated for comprehensiveness. Perhaps I should also mention that the points I use are KC, then Crown, and EB through to UA as usual.)

I introduced Dougal, and explained that this poor bear had a HUGE intensity on 'an issue', and that I wanted help to bring it down. I asked the client to do the tapping on Dougal for me - nothing else at all, just tap on Dougal. We agreed that Dougal could handle "Even though I have this 10 intensity on this issue, I choose to release it with love and care because it is no longer relevant in my life".

(This was adapted to maintain distance - "DOUGAL, even though YOU have this 10 intensity on this issue, YOU choose to release it with love and care because it is no longer relevant in YOUR life". It is very important to keep the focus on the surrogate. Also, I would intersperse firm instructions to Dougal - "Dougal, STAY with the INTENSITY" at the least sign of emotional upset from the client.)

The usual intensity checks after each round - "How is Dougal's intensity now?" revealed a slow start but then a steady fall to zero.

With Dougal's intensity at a zero, I broached the idea of repeating this sequence but with the client tapping on themself, and what intensity there is on this idea?

This usually goes up - but never to the '20/10'. If it is a 10, then it is back to Dougal and some experimental word usage / changes.

Let's assume an "8". Then the client becomes the surrogate, in a sense - again we tap on "Even though I have this 8 intensity on this issue, I choose to release it with love and care because it is no longer relevant in my life". (Or as appropriate). Again, the client is silent, whist tapping along with me while I tap and verbalise. Again, word usage should be freely explored, and any discomfort observed (STAY with the intensity!).

When a zero is achieved here, I suggest a round with the client verbalising with me. Sometimes this remains as a zero, sometimes not. Get it to zero.

Crunch time - "How intense would you feel about working on Dougal with the actual incident?"
"What words could we use?"

If this goes through the roof, It's back to square one. Which is fine - patience is a virtue!

If the answer is yes, then the procedure is very similar - "OK, now this poor bear was bullied and kicked by his gym teacher when he was 5, so the two of us are going to help him......

(I am using imaginary events here, but genuine session results.)

"OK Dougal, even though Mr.Gorman kicked you on the gymnasium floor at school, you now choose to peacefully release that pain and fear because it is past, over, and no longer relevant".

(Yes, I am a fan of "Choices" statements - blessings to you Pat Carrington!).

Again, the same procedure - get Dougal to a zero, transfer to client, finalise with a full round of client tapping and verbalising.

[An anomalous note:- after a round on Dougal which culminated in a zero intensity on the main subject, I transferred to the client, and got a starting point of "Zero". Regardless, we tapped on "Even though I have a zero on being kicked around the gym floor, I choose to (Etc).
This still resulted in a zero, BUT - the client remarked with surprise - "Hey - I know now - I don't need to fear that fear any more!" I don't know what happened there, but I think it was significant somehow, even though it was a zero start and finish.... ]

Yes, the 'quadruple remove' takes time and patience, but it is a sort of multi-layered sneak-up that seems to work. Obviously, serious psychiactric disorders should be left strictly to the professionals; but if we do get unexpectedly caught out, rather than leave the client hanging 'in the lurch' with recovered memories that were accidentally stirred by what seemed to be a mere muscle spasm or similar - perhaps this could be considered as a sort of cumbersome first aid until the appropriate professional assistance can be obtained.


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