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Other Physical Issues


Are Drugs Really Necessary to Clear Allergies?

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Profound allergy relief may be as simple as tapping on a few acupressure points, thereby reducing the body’s stress levels.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have scientifically linked allergic reactions with stress and negative emotions. However, this has been known since 1997 by practitioners of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). This innovative acupressure technique claims an 80% success rate and can be learned freely by downloading the EFT Manual at

“EFT has shown remarkable results in the treatment of allergies, including Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS),” says Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT. “I originally created EFT to enhance and accelerate the psychotherapy process. As people used EFT to clear emotional issues, they reported a reduction or elimination of physical symptoms, like allergies. After EFT, not only were they emotionally more peaceful, but they no longer reacted when exposed to their identified allergens.”

Craig continues, “Since EFT’s inception, we have been operating under the premise that stress and negative emotions create physical symptoms, illness and disease in the body and this viewpoint is supported by thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Conventional medical science is finally drawing the same conclusions, but they are only beginning to pay attention to techniques like EFT which successfully target unresolved emotions as well as their corresponding energetic imbalances.”

Dr. Eric Robins, a California Urologist is just one of the many doctors currently using EFT in his medical practice. Dr. Robins used EFT on himself when he suddenly developed an unexplainable allergic rash on his hands and face while driving to work. Says Robins, “It looked like an acute, bad sunburn”. He performed EFT for about two minutes and says, “Within minutes, the redness and itching began to subside”. In another five minutes the symptoms and signs had resolved completely.

Craig explains, “We have been conditioned to pop a pill when we encounter an allergic reaction, a headache, or a simple cold. But thousands of case studies illustrate that the use of EFT at the onset of any physical symptom successfully arrests the symptom about 80 percent of the time. Sometimes relief is immediate, but more complex allergies or illnesses may require a more persistent application of EFT.”

Andy Mason’s wife was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) after suffering with migraine headaches, severe balance problems and joint pains for 15 years. Visits with allergy specialists, neurologists, and ear nose and throat specialists brought her no relief. After an environmental specialist established that she was sensitive to 80 different chemical, food and airborne allergens, she was prescribed stabilizing drops and injections, but they offered her minimal protection.

Mason was learning EFT but had never used it for allergies. It is easy to do EFT and it has no known side effects so he and his wife systematically used it for each of her identified allergies. Some allergies cleared in 30 minutes while others required persistence and addressing physical symptoms and emotional issues related to the allergies. EFT involves fingertip tapping on a series of acupuncture points while focusing thoughts on each allergy.

One year after her EFT allergy treatment, Mason reported, “She has not used any allergy treatments for the past year, and has rarely had any allergic responses. When she has, it is because she has been exposed to a substance that we had not addressed with EFT. Her quality of life (and the dent in our finances from the allergy testing and resultant medication) is much improved since we used EFT to resolve these issues.”

Craig says, “While these results are not uncommon for persistent EFT users, we are not advocating that people abandon conventional medical treatment. But EFT is making progress in the area of allergies and it often works where nothing else will.”

Over 300,000 have downloaded Craig’s free training manual and another 10,000 download it each month. The official EFT Manual has been translated by volunteer practitioners into nine languages.

The EFT Manual explains the basics so that anyone can begin applying EFT right away. It can be freely downloaded at



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