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Resolving issues for a frantic, hysterical baby

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Hi Everyone,

Lenore Watts from Australia brings much needed relief to a kicking, screaming baby. The parents, of course, are delighted.

Hugs, Gary

By Lenore Watts

EFT is such a wonderful tool to have 'at your fingertips' and I think for parents, especially new ones, it can be invaluable! I was again reminded of this during a recent visit with family.

Arriving looking totally tired and frustrated were relatives of mine with their 7 month old baby boy who was quite distressed. He had been up all night and when the parents (and grandparents) tried to put him to sleep he became even more hysterical. Basically everyone was tired, frustrated and anxious.

So I asked them if they would be willing to let me try EFT. I had noticed that everyone was trying to soothe the baby & to get him to be quiet. So I let him lie in his cot screaming & kicking while I gently tapped on him and myself at the same time. While tapping I gently said "that's it, let it all out, it's so frustrating". I also said for me " even though he is distressed I am ok'. Within 15 minutes he was sound asleep. When he woke he was much happier and was able to sit peacefully in my lap for 45 minutes - something he has not done in the past for anyone.

Later on that day it was again time for him to have a sleep and everyone had tried for an hour or so before I again offered to help. I lay on a recliner chair with him, which allowed him to be free to scream and kick safely without me holding him tightly. I then tapped on him and myself, all the time gently saying "That's right, let it all out. It's so frustrating, no one understands me". Again within 15 minutes he was sound asleep.

At this point his mother was really interested in the technique. I showed her the points and I explained to her that by tapping on the baby and myself at the same time he was able to process his rage and I was able to stay calm and centered while he did. She rang me that evening to say that EFT worked brilliantly when she tried it and that she was feeling very relieved after such a stressful 24 hours . and looking forward to some much needed sleep!

Lenore Watts

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Explore our newest advancement, Optimal EFT, by reading our free e-book, The Unseen Therapist