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Shortcut version of EFT enhances classroom performance

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Please show this article to every school teacher, school counselor, school principal and parent you can find.  In it, Mary Stafford, who is very dedicated to getting EFT into the school system, outlines a very simple EFT shortcut tapping sequence that has proven to calm down classrooms and enhance test scores.  Please know that there are likely many such tapping sequences that would be effective.  The important thing is that the children start tapping on the meridian system.  Its results are impressive.

Hugs, Gary

By Mary Stafford M.Ed.,LPC, EFT-Adv

Dear Gary,

In 4 years ago I read an article in the newspaper by a school teacher who was very concerned about the great stress children are put under by the standardized tests required at the end of every year. The teacher who wrote the article was named Wendy Goodman; I looked her up in the phone book and called her. The person who answered the phone said she was not the teacher who wrote the letter to the paper, but she was a teacher with 15 years experience who was so stressed this year that she was considering leaving teaching.

This was her first year teaching in South Tucson, a very poor part of town. She reported that the children were very stressed and said and did things to one another that distracted the class from the lesson she was teaching. She found it very hard to get the attention of the class back on the lesson.

I told her that there was a very simple version of EFT that she could use with her second graders that I called the EFT Shortcut for Children. There are only 4 points to tap (3 of which I got from the EFT video set "Steps Toward Becoming The Ultimate Therapist." 

1. The top of the head

2. Slapping with an open hand across the collarbone points.

3. The inside of each wrist

4. The inside of each leg above the ankle.

Children frequently are able to benefit from EFT without doing the Set-Up so I didn't include it. I suggested she take her class thru the EFT shortcut before the standardized testing and whenever the class had been disrupted.

A month later I spoke to her and she reported that she had done as I suggested. She took the class thru the EFT shortcut before the standardized test. The next time that she announced a test to the class they all began tapping without her saying a word. She also reported that she found that when a student disrupted the class by doing something to another student, if she directed the class to go thru the same tapping process, then the class would settle down quickly and pay attention to the lesson being taught.

The following year she taught 3rd.grade.  At the end of that year she called me to tell me that the principal took her aside and told her how happy he was with the gains that her students had made in the standardized testing. He said her class had done better than the other classes in the school. She also said that when parents came to her with problems with their children, she told them about the EFT shortcut tapping process. She also told the other teachers and taught them how to use this simple approach.

She is still successfully using the EFT shortcut with her classes and her children.

Mary E.Stafford, M.Ed.,LPC, EFT-AdvM.Ed.,LPC, EFT-Adv

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